I am learning daily. I am growing daily. Yet, daily I walk with Christ. It is not a cake walk point, blank, period. There are days I have to tell myself either I’m going to believe God or I am not. (When I am cognizant of it I always believe God, the devil will lie to you and he’ll use your own voice) I have to remind myself of the word, remind myself of things that have been confirmed for me. Emotions are something else, sometimes we can get so caught up in our feelings. Feelings are fleeting! How do I know this and still let them get me smh it’s madness sometimes. I am reminded in those times of the things I still deal with or things I tucked away and never truly dealt with. When you are truly loved and in love it brings out all of it in you. It brings out your best and it brings out your worst. I thank God for being wise enough to not trust my feelings and instead to pray, to rest, and trust God.

Actionable steps when your feelings start to get the best of you. I take myself through a series of questions, now this is what works for me I can’t say for everyone but my purpose is to impart knowledge on you all. It’s my heart’s desire you receive it and it helps you the way it helped me.

Why do you feel this way? Break it down for yourself. Whether it was something that was said or done get logical and get real about it.

Does it line up with the word? Whatever is making you feel some kind of way is it biblical in anyway.

Is this going to bother you in 5 min, in 5 days? Basically ask yourself is it really that serious. Emotions are fleeting and they change quick so you can be bothered by something that won’t matter in a day. It’s not worth it chalk it up and keep it moving don’t play into it.

My last one ☝🏾 my favorite. The end all be all the one that makes me say either your gonna believe God or your not. What did God speak to you about this person, situation, or place etc? As Christians we should be led by the Holy Spirit in all that we do right. But most importantly in relationships and connections. Meaning your significant other, your place of worship, where you live, where you work etc. You were led to all these people and places so because you were led God didn’t change his mind and forget to tell you and not lead you out lol. That’s where those feelings start to act up when you know God did this and now your feelings got you tripping. I remind myself not what was said or done on by that person or place but I remind myself why I was led to someone or somewhere and the confirmation that came along with it. Yeah sometimes it nice to remind yourself of what a person said or what they have done but some days, some moments it won’t be enough.

So I encourage you all to remind yourself what God said.

You are in that relationship cause God ordained it, you are in that place of employment cause He set it up, you are living where you are cause He allowed it, you are going through right now cause He allowed it.

So get out your feelings, rest and know that He is in control.


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