Listen Linda, Listen!!!

I have a heart and future ministry in y’all, you’re my core audience. Hear me out, I glorify Christ in all my writing, when I speak etc because I cannot truly help you or speak on myself with out Him. It’s only through Him I have the experiences and the words to share with you how I overcame many of the things we battle as women.

Did you ever take a moment to analyze all the things YOU love about yourself?

No? Do it now!

Take the list and break it down why you do love your smile, why do you love your freckles? Take all that and hang it up somewhere. You see as women we spend too much time on what’s not right about us. Oh my hips are too big….Oh my chest is too small..wellllll…what about the things you wouldn’t change if you could?

Let’s focus on that

A long time ago I wasn’t my biggest fan, I could list you all my “flaws” but I couldn’t tell you what I liked about myself and I couldn’t do that because if it wasn’t magnified by someone else well it had to be a flaw, that’s where I was wrong I’m the first to say my validation was not coming from the right place (thank God for growth).

I found as I grew in self love, maturity and most importantly in Christ that everything I once disliked about myself are actually all the things I grew to love about myself. HA! It’s funny to me now that at one point I disliked my lips for example, like how odd is that cause now I love my lips, how did I not see the greatness in the curve of my smile, these soft pillows that makes my lipstick just pop. 😉 I love the eloquence in which I speak, my ability to articulate myself, the ability I have to adjust my speech to talk to anyone, all ages, all levels of education. How did I not see what a great quality that was, a quality that affords me opportunities to speak to so many people in my career, my educational pursuits, to witness. I once thought that this made me stand out in a negative way.

The devil will have you believing all your greatness, all the gifts that God blessed you with to help others are negative features. It’s a shame and I would be remiss if I didn’t share this and tell you, you too think this way. I could go on about myself not too be cocky or anything of that nature but simply because I am self-aware, and I love myself that much and I give God all the glory cause He had to remind what greatness he placed in me and how amazing He created me.

Did you know that everything you are, God placed in you for a reason?
(1 Corinthians 12: 22-24, Romans 12: 4-8, Ephesians 2: 10)


Be encouraged and reminded that you really are beautiful, every little thing about you. You have a purpose, you have to go through a mess to develop a message, you have to be tested to have a testimony. Their is nothing you can do where you are too far to come back, or to fall from His grace. We are big deal as women, we birth nations. Did you know how much of a big deal we are?? Do you understand that once you recognize the greatness in you, the gifts Christ placed in you, your unstoppable? Now the weapons may form against you, but they will not prosper. Those weapons are haters, your thoughts, your circumstances. Things will happen, let me be the first to tell you i’m so far from perfect but Christ thinks i’m too die for. You will begin to put off an energy that attracts more greatness too you. Make that list ladies! Now! Be honest with yourself their is nothing wrong with recognizing what you love about yourself from your physical traits, to your personality traits. God made you that way! If no one told you, let me tell you, you are beautiful, I love you and appreciate all your greatness.