Stay Away…

Stay away from people who try to make you feel bad or try to make you worry for doing things as simple as being happy, seeking peace, joy or increasing your net-worth.

If you are not harming anyone, yourself or playing with your salvation there really is no need to say anything.

I’ve learned people will project their fears, negative experiences, and their insecurities on you and most times they don’t even know that they are behaving that way. I find this to be the most interesting thing ever, individuals highlight their fears and insecurities in everything they say and do, even the parts of them they are proud of. Sometimes I think i’m too smart, too analytical for my own good. You tell me all about yourself without ever saying a word directly to what you are projecting.



Giving advice one is not warranted to give, this is the funniest one yet most annoying one. How can someone tell you how to properly secure the bag and they have not done what you are doing. Familiar with all the statistics about the first year in business but they have never opened a business or been in your line of business.

LISTEN, God gave a vision to you not them, would you take someone’s opinion over God’s plan? I’ll wait! There will always be naysayers, non believers and skeptics.



EVERYONE has an opinion!!! What can I say? Yes, accountability/counsel is a major key, but what I’ve learned is to seek PROPER accountability/counsel. I say proper meaning those who live the same values as, you, those who have fruit of a good relationship. You cannot allow everyone the right to speak into your life let alone your relationship.

THINK, when seeking accountability/counsel would you want counsel or accountability from a woman who is constantly bickering with her spouse/partner or continuously complaining. The word says “It’s better to live alone in the corner of an attic than with a quarrelsome wife in a lovely home.”-Proverbs 25:24 You can tell a tree by the fruit it bares. You should seek accountability from a good tree. I did not say a perfect tree, I said a good tree. What does that look like? It looks like the individual who understands forgiveness, who understands submission, who brings her husband good and not harm. If you desire to be a wife that individual should be where you’re trying to go. I could go on and on about appropriate accountability and counsel. What I want you to take away is that when you have entered into a relationship particularly one that has been confirmed is the right one, the enemy will use even those close to you, to throw you off your path. So seek accountability and counsel accordingly but be diligent in your selection.

Check yourself and start checking those who subject you to this and uhhhhhh lets not for the rest of 2018 K?



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