I give God glory for everything that I am and everything that I hold.

So when anyone gives me glory to say it makes me uncomfortable is an understatement. Society has trained us to believe we need certain things to arrive, that we must have  certain qualities in a relationship for it be worthy and desired.

We have allowed the world to dictate our blueprint to happiness.

I stand in awe of what 2017 has been to me, I stand amazed at the amount of restoration I walked in this year alone. The thought of my 2016 vs 2017 nearly drives me to tears. I have heard young women and kids look at the outside of my life and call it “goals” and to be honest most days I feel like i’m just doing the norm. I don’t even think much of my day to day. Yet, even with that I give God glory. This year alone I have seen those who live a life I could not imagine let alone probably survive. I have also seen CRAZY faith in action and what can come out of it. I’ve learned enough to know one’s experience is what drives them to seek something outside of what they have or are used to and I have also learned that one’s experiences are enough to cause them to remain stagnant and not grow, whether it is spiritual or other external factors.

Many see your outside blessings, yet they don’t see the growth, they don’t see the tests you’ve failed, the tests you’ve passed. They don’t know the number of days you wept and sacrificed. That is the part I admire in others, the struggle, to go through hell and come back, now that’s goals.

I don’t want anyone to look at me, and see me. I don’t want my relationship, my career, my personal endeavors, my attire, my car or home to ever make anyone think I’ve “arrived”. It is my heart’s desire and goal for others to always see me and say “she chose God” and it is because I chose Him everything else around  me is great. Friend you may not understand what your going through and why your going through, but I can promise you this. I can stand witness that eventually God will reveal why you went through everything.

All things work together for good to those who love God. Romans 8:28

Material things are nice do not get me wrong, but they are temporal, your spirit is eternal! At the end of the day the one thing we can count on is death, and what happens next is on you. Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. I’m the last one to be “super spiritual” or theological but facts is facts! Salvation is the one thing I don’t joke around with. I encourage you before the clock strikes 12 be certain where your soul’s resting place will be.

As the year closes out I pray it ends for you in a way you could not imagine, I pray it ends in a way where God makes Himself real to you. If I could show you all a tangible object of God’s love for you, His plans for you, His heart towards you, even then it would not be enough. So goodbye 2017 and hello to 2018 let’s strive for purpose, let’s strive for destiny, and lastly let’s strive that the God others see in us is #GOALS

Now that you’ve done that, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! #TURNUP







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