#WalkWithMe ?!?

I’ll be starting a series of writing pieces all entitled “#Walk With Me”.

Different pieces of writing that really put you in my shoes during what I deem critical moments in my life, and my walk with Christ. In my attempt at being more transparent I present #WalkWithMe.

Your probably saying but Daphne you have a blog, but Daphne we talk all the time, or Daph you have your podcast aren’t you open enough?

Yeah issa no, I say that because my blog posts thus far are well thought out pieces where I share with you a little of what I’ve been through on whatever is the topic and the takeaway I want you to grasp from my experiences. My blog is really just practice while i’m writing my first book called Queen Initiatives, you’ll find similar writing there as you do my previous blog posts.

#WalkWithMe is wide open.

As a young woman, a young black, single, saved, corporate America working woman IT’S SOOO REAL out here. Come along and learn how I’m navigating it all. My prayer is that you find relate-ability and some understanding that we are all pencils in the hand of God, but His desire is for us all to have the same dope endings.




I am confident in who I am, and whose I am.
Which allows me to move how I want, and how I am led.
This includes the relationships I have, I am not perfect I slip up here and there but what I won’t be is bound to anyone or anything that takes peace from life.
My question to you is what are you bound to today?
A relationship? A friendship? A past situation or mistake?

My last question to you….is the time your wasting, worth it?
#letitgo #begreat #DaphneSpeaks #nolongerbound