Clap for yourself…

If you know me, you know me i’ll start with that.

Today a coworker told me that I was “too into myself”, a bit self absorbed, and boastful. Hmmm how did this conversation start, my joggers are fitting much looser than they used too so they were pulled up to my calves rather than my ankles this is attributed to recent weightloss. Like me actually eating more (I’m used to eating one meal a day which actually causes you to gain rather than lose lol), working out consistently etc. I said well yeah this is definitley not fitting the same i’ve lost weight but this is great cause i’m gonna look great running around in Jamaica in my two-piece. As we began walking I saw a reflective window and said wow I really do look smaller, this is awesome I look good!! The comments mentioned earlier are what followed after that moment and throughout the conversation.

I stopped walking and said what?! Too into myself cause I’m making positive comments about noticing all the changes that I have been working towards!?

I say all this to say that not everyone will be your biggest fan not even those who have seen you from your beginning, middle and end etc. Not everyone is gonna clap for you when your name is called. Not everyone is gonna understand your praise, but sometimes tell you, your doing too much.

Had I allowed my validation to come from others this would have upset me and shut me up and agree yeah maybe I shouldnt say that.

But darn all that cheer yourself on! Clap for yourself! Treat yo self! I love me and I know I bust my butt in everything I do so am I gonna acknowledge the fruit of my labor? Heck yeah!

I say this cause as young women, men can be our biggest downfall if you don’t have your head on right. Years ago I let a man massacre my self-esteem for years on end cause I counted on my validation, my worth from him. Then I grew up and learned it starts with me and a man that is not my husband or courting me opinion is irrelevant. I know the type of self esteem I used to have compared to where it is now. Compliments are nice and all that, but it is what it is. Negative or positive opinions should be noted but don’t allow them to take root. That’s why I am so unimpressed by words lol you better show me something cause i’ve heard every compliment in the book! But anyway back to the topic ladies love yourself, be confident in your hard-work in any avenue of your life from your accomplishments in fitness, work, and education.
#daphnespeaks 10/16/15



2 thoughts on “Clap for yourself…

  1. I agree completely, women of this generation need to value and love themselves for who they are before looking for approval from others. True self confidence is a battle for our beautiful women these days. This is due to the vast amounts of social media outlets portraying what THEY consider beautiful. Women need to look in the mirror everyday and give themselves the compliment they naturally deserve due to the fact they are truly one of a kind. Great post I will look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

    Peace and Love 😀

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  2. Loving this post! We are not told enough to celebrate ourselves and our accomplishments. Women are told to be silent and humble, but never told to compliment ourselves. Self esteem starts with love of self, so why not tell yourself you look awesome today lol. Great Post Soror, keep writing.

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