Hey, your ignorance is showing….

Hey, your ignorance is showing….


Beware of those who are loud in a crowd and quiet in a group setting.-Daphne C.

This past election has brought out a lot in people and that’s okay cause at least you know where people stand.

Lets stop right there and make it clear anything I believe in means I am well versed, and well researched and I love talking about my beliefs, values, political position etc. In other words,

I stay ready!

I believe when you can scream your excitement for your choice (you can use the word beliefs, values, political stance, does not matter it still applies) in a crowd where you have others who are in agreement with you but you won’t say a peep in a small group discussion where opposition to your choice is outnumbering you or in the group in general…..that’s a problem to me and that makes me question your character. It immediately lets me know you are a follower and could not back up your choice in a discussion so you opt to stay silent.

Those are individuals I don’t care to deal with cause when the rubber meets the road your going to go for the side of whoever you are following.

I have never been a follower and I could not fathom making decisions so important to my future, future of my unborn children, future of society on the opinion of someone else. Someone’s opinion may very well spark a thought in me or bring to light something I did not know before. BUT only a FOOL listens to anything and receives it as knowledge at face value without researching for themselves.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge Hosea 4:6

I do not care what you believe in, and I do not lose sleep over who you voted for, I am called to  love you all the same. I do care about your WHY, and HOW you came to your decision. That will tell me everything I need to know. I cannot knock a  well researched TRUMP/CLINTON/ETC voter. Because you looked into several things and found that, that candidate was the best for your beliefs and the future you desire to see for America. It’s okay to agree to disagree. I’m not a biased fool and I love a good, healthy and factual discussion.

Now would I marry someone with opposite beliefs of me (HECK NO), that’s called being unequally yoked. Nor, would I end a friendship over politic beliefs but what I will do is grill you to understand how you decided that vote and if it is an answer outside of your own research welllllll #youcantsitwithme

That was burning on the inside of me to share and I just ask, and pray that as individuals we wake up and think for ourselves. This is not a #staywoke piece. This is a stop being ignorant, stop being a follower and do some reading before you run the streets screaming Whoo Hooo (insert whatever you want). When you can’t even explain a valid or factual reason you feel that way. Stop getting caught up in emotion and be more purposeful with your decisions.

Be Blessed ❤