Over the last few years I have been VERY intentional about showing, and expressing my love to others. I chalk it up to a number of things, not having love reciprocated, losing a loved one and just plain old do unto others as you want others to do unto you. I cherish my relationships in all forms especially to those who are good to me. Depending on your perspective I’m either being a great friend, I am going above and beyond, or just being extra. Regardless of your view point, I entitled this piece “Don’t get caught slipping”, because often in life we all have to go through the hard lesson of you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

If you are blessed enough to have good people in your life, regardless of the relationship, whether it’s sibling, a friendship, a significant other or a coworker why not take or create opportunities to express your love, or your appreciation of this person. What is it about loss, that makes us see value in others? The entire time they were in your face and you couldn’t muster up the words to say thank you, or I appreciate you. You see your ex happy elsewhere all of sudden you remember the good times and want them back? Why do we insist on bombarding funerals with flowers yet never gave a bouquet when that person could see, smell and touch them? So many questions and scenarios I could present.

Life has taught me that it boils down to ungratefulness, now don’t get me wrong, at times we are ungrateful and don’t realize it or we don’t genuinely mean to be that way. It just seems to happen, sometimes over time. We become so used to that individual merely being who they are we lose sight of the very thing that makes them unique, those key characteristics that formed the relationship we have with them. That’s why acts of kindness, love and appreciation seem so huge because it’s not done enough. I don’t know about you but the mere thought of no longer having the chance to edify, and express love to my loved ones makes me wanna love more.

I just felt really led to write about this topic today, so I pray it inspires you to continually walk in gratitude, continually express love and appreciation of those around you.

What does the bible say about ungratefulness? Well a few scriptures I found in my study include:

2 Timothy 3:2

Luke 17:17-18

What are your thoughts? Comment below.


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