You will find it difficult to work and focus on a vision if you don’t have peace or understanding about where it’s going, or you don’t know what role you’re suppose to play. You must first believe in anything you’re doing and second find your purpose in it.

This mindset should be and can be applied in all areas, but lets talk about relationships.


Recently I remembered a word that was given to me about an industry I would be working in, at that time I had no clue how that would happen but of course I received it, prayed about it and kept it moving. Few months after that I found myself in a relationship, not one that either one of us planned for but one that definitely is of God. He shared with me his vision, and what he believed to be his God given purpose. My gifts and areas of strength lined up with the areas he lacked but were needed to advance the vision. When I realized the role I was suppose to play in his vision it made things move effortlessly needless to say the vision progressed faster than we both could have imagined.



I believe a relationship is most destined for success when the two understand the purpose of them getting together is beyond feelings and emotion. What are you suppose to accomplish for the greater good together? Figure it out, work it, and build it, all other things will be added unto you.

As believers we understand the Lord knows the desires of our heart, we understand He also knows what we need, and we also understand He has placed purpose in us.

Correct? We all on the same page? Cool!


So why do we get into relationships and suddenly abandon purpose or better yet don’t find ways to connect our gifts/talents into our partner’s vision. Is it those butterflies of distraction? Is it fear? Is it doubt? Beats me, idk.


As women we are called to be a helpmate (Genesis 2:18) essentially fitting together in harmony. Seeing each other’s vision is great, understanding your role in the vision well that’s everything.

As couples in courtship we are encouraged to do so many things. Have accountability, seek counsel in all decisions, don’t cross boundaries, pray, pray and pray some more. What I’d like to see more of is encouraging couples in courtship to discuss individual purpose, and purpose as a couple.


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