“Find yourself, find God then come find me.”

I love this quote but you know the amusing, interesting part to that is young women are asking for something they have yet to do. How often have we heard the criteria we should search for in a man? He has to be God fearing, good job, his own everything etc. BUT what amuses me about these type of statements is they often come from women who cannot say the same about themselves.

I was young and inexperienced in relationships and I would say things along these lines but I realized after sometime WAIT A MINUTE how can I want man that is “God fearing” but I was living worldly and operating in routines of religion? What I really was saying is I want a man that goes to church but still in the world. NO NO! How can I say I want a man that has a great career, and I was unhappy in my career. NO NO! How could I want a man that drove a nice car but I had a car that my daddy paid for me and I didn’t even like it. LOL! #howswayhow

How dumb is that right??! I look back and recognize how young and foolish that kind of talk was that I can laugh it now because I know better and do better.

I share this dumb part of my life as an example.
What I am saying is that women are not satisfied in their single season. You attract what you are. In your single season that is your time to reevaluate where you are in life and where you want to be. You can’t say I want to have a relationship and be broke can’t keep yourself up and always expect him to cover everything, you can’t say I want a boo and jumping from job to job that shows lack of stability. You can’t say i’m tired of being single and you struggling to finish your degree, that reflects lack of focus. You can’t say I want a boyfriend so i’m not lonely that says you are insecure and you have yet to tap into self-love. A man is just a man girl i’m trying to tell you, yes God does not call for us to be alone but to have a help mate, but He also says that a MAN that FINDS a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. THE MAN MUST FIND YOU!

Real talk ask yourself….are you a good thing? And I mean like really are you a good thing? LOL…Be real with yourself, if you had to date someone like you would you be like YASSSSS!?? LOL! Or do you still have some areas that need to be worked on?! No one is perfect, yes I know but when I say good thing ya’ll know I don’t mean perfection.

Years ago had I asked myself this honestly I’d have to say no, NOW yes I know i’m a good thing. I’m confident and satisfied in all aspects of my life, I am what I seek in a guy.

I never mean to bash anyone going through these type of feelings are who have been there I simply share what i’ve been through and what i’ve seen and heard most importantly what i’ve learned.

It’s time to be satisfied in your single season and focus on self growth. Focus on self advancement. When your time comes to be in relationship you now have earned the RIGHT to make sure he comes correct and when you got yourself together he has no choice but to respect it. Bruh man from the 5th floor can’t come to you with no weak game or use material things to impress you cause after all your self-growth and self-improvement you will realize how meaningless it all is, trust me when you have gone through the process to make yourself the best you can be you will not accept any less and anything less will second guess how to come at you.

I’m telling you what I know!

Anything I require and/or prefer in man, I require of myself.

#daphnespeaks #thinkaboutit

Nothing more dangerous than a beautiful woman who is focused and unimpressed.

not easy highstandards thecurve


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